T-Mobile Galaxy Note II Will Be Updated 12/19 With Multi-Window

T-Mobile and Samsung are soon updating the Note II, and it comes with the coveted multi-window. We aren’t sure why it was taken out of some US Note II variants, but we’re glad T-Mobile is putting it back in. Along with multi-window, the update will also resolve Exchange calendar events not appearing in the Calender app and a fix for an issue of not being able to swipe through Gmail messages.

Overall, it’s a very small update that brings a very important feature. The device remains at 4.1.1 (build T889UVALK8), so it won’t bring those fancy new 4.1.2 features. T-Mobile Note II users should start seeing it December 19th. So in two days, start mashing the “Check for updates” button in settings! Tell us if you get it!


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