TomTom Fixes Compatibility Issues With Android App

TomTom makes great GPS units, so I was excited to see the TomTom GPS app launch on Android.. Unfortunately, there was one problem that ruined the app: it was only compatible with phones that have a display that is 480 pixels wide. Yes, that leaves out all qHD and 720p devices. No brand new phone, not the Galaxy S III or the One X, would be able to run this app. Excluding all current high and mid end phones is not a good business strategy.

Luckily, after all this time, they finally updated the app to v1.1. This update adds compatibility with all the new high end phones, so you can now go buy this GPS app if you wanted it. Also, they added downloading maps to a microSD instead of to the internal memory to save some space, as maps aren’t small, and the downloads for those maps can be run in the background.

The app itself is $37.99 for the US, or $49.99 for the US and Canada. The only reason to get this is if you have some major problem with Google Navigation or need extensive offline maps, as Google Nav is absolutely fantastic. But of course, there is always a valid reason to get this. Hit the source link if you really want it.

Play: TomTom USA | Engadget

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