Toshiba Creating Camera Sensor That Allows Refocusing Of Finished Images

Lytro is known for making cameras with some interesting technology. Unlike traditional cameras, when you take a photo with a Lytro, you’re not stuck with the way its focused. It can be refocused with software, putting the point of focus anywhere you want and creating proper depth of field. It’s a really cool concept, but it hasn’t been adopted by the mainstream just yet.

Toshiba is out to change that. They’re making a sensor that does the exact same thing, but it also one-ups the Lytro by taking video with focus management. The way it works is that the sensor has 500,000 lenses on it, with each arrangement taking a slightly different photo. Those photos are combined using Toshiba’s software, which will also allow you to edit the finished photo.

The best part is that Toshiba is trying to get these sensors into smartphones and tablets by the end of 2013, so this could be the first big adoption of this technology. We can only hope to see a brand new Android device with one of these next year. What do you guys think? Is it a cool idea that’ll save a lot of photos? Or is it a gimmick? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


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