Verizon Galaxy Note II Bootloader Unlocked, Method Not Yet Available To Public

Verizon has been known to lock down their phones, and the Galaxy Note II is no different. However, Samsung always makes sure that their bootloaders aren’t too hard to unlock, despite still providing a significant challenge to developers. It looks like someone has already unlocked their Note II’s bootloader, and unsurprisingly it’s Adam Outler. Mr. Outler is a very respected and a very talented developer who created the UnBrickable Mod (including the one for the Galaxy Camera).

He has managed to unlock the bootloader on his personal Note II (by tricking the Note II into thinking it was a Galaxy S III), but has not revealed the method to the public. It is still being tested as safe before being released. However, he has a few methods and exploits up his sleeve, so if this is tossed out, it isn’t the end of the world. Also, it is said that some of the exploits might require a mod chip, so it won’t be accessible to the general public.

Either way, if you were thinking of buying a Verizon Galaxy Note II when the bootloader was unlocked, your time might be near. Just like with the Galaxy S III, it should soon become an open device. To track progress (and to follow an interesting guy), add Adam Outler to your Google+ circles. And tell us, are you excited for another Verizon device to be unlocked?


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