Verizon Galaxy Note II Gets Rooted, No Bootloader Unlock Yet

Less than a week after release, Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Note II has been rooted. Considering all the bloatware carriers put on phones these days, root is very important (even if you never flash a ROM). Unfortunately, even if you wanted to flash a ROM, you couldn’t. A custom recovery for the Verizon Note II doesn’t exist yet, and the bootloader remains locked.

Yes, we’re back to this issue again. Verizon demands that the Note II has locked bootloaders, and Samsung obliged. While they remain locked, ROMs can not be flashed. Let’s just hope that Samsung threw in easily unlockable bootloaders like they did with the Galaxy S III and that developers will find a way very soon.

There’s also the chance that someone might leak non-encrypted bootloaders for the Verizon Note II. It happened for other carrier branded Note II’s, so it might happen here. We can only hope, but the end goal is to have this device fully unlocked and modifiable to the heart’s content.

For those of you who own Verizon Galaxy Note II’s, will you be rooting immediately? I’m sure some of you are eager to remove the huge amount of Verizon apps. If you do root, tell us how it goes!


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