Verizon Galaxy S III Officially Getting Jelly Bean Tomorrow

Verizon may be the last of the big four carriers to announce their Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update, but it’s finally here. Their Galaxy S III will be getting the update tomorrow, and will roll out over the next week or so.

With Jelly Bean, you get Project Butter (which makes a good difference in UI smoothness), Google Now, expandable notifications, and Isis Mobile Wallet. This is a big one, as it’s another phone to support the mobile wallet system that very few people can use. It’s only available in some markets and you’ll need a new SIM card for it, but if you live in the right area, you’ll get to finally try out Isis.

It also unlocks the device, so the global radios can be used on any GSM network. If you go on a vacation, this could be very useful to you. I never understood why it always took an update to enable them, but at least they’re working now.

If you want the update, start checking for updates tomorrow. You might not get it immediately, as it is a roll out, but you mash that button to check anyway. Tell us if you get anything!

Verizon News | Android Police

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