Verizon Note II Bootloader Unlocked And Method Publicly Available

Last time we talked about the Verizon Galaxy Note II, it had been bootloader unlocked. However, the method was complex and not tested for safety, so it had not been released to the public. However, today it has, and it isn’t all that hard. Still, do this at your own risk. This will void you warranty and has a big chance of damaging your phone, so only do this if you know what you’re doing.

Adam Outler and his buddies have accomplished a lot with this device, including getting open source bootloaders to run (that’s not what you’ll be installing), so the Note II is looking to become the most open device out there. So if you’re really interested in unlocking your Note II, hit the source link for full instructions (even video instructions) and all the necessary downloads. Just don’t forget to download the “Suck It Verizon Odin Package,” it’s a necessary step.

XDA-Developers | Droid-Life

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