Verizon Wireless Is Not Interested In Dish Network Spectrum

Dish Network’s Chairman, Charlie Ergen, has been looking for a buyer for Dish’s wireless LTE spectrum. Investors have speculated that he can make a fortune if he sells off the wireless spectrum to one of the big 4 U.S. mobile carriers.

Unfortunately for Ergen, the biggest of the 4, Verizon Wireless, has declined any interest in purchasing Dish’s LTE spectrum.

Lowell McAdam, Verizon’s Chief Executive, stated that they weren’t planning on pursuing any acquisitions as huge as its purchases of Terremark and Hughes Telematics.

McAdam stated that any purchases Verizon Wireless makes in the software space will be much smaller transactions.

“It’s in the tens of millions (of dollars) kind of range versus the hundreds of millions kind of range. Right now, I don’t see the value add of a huge acquisition.”

Verizon Wireless purchased the enterprise service provider, Terremark, last year for 1.4 billion dollars, and it purchased Hughes Telematics for 612 million dollars this past July.

With Verizon Wireless out of the running, that leaves 3 major carriers, and hopefully Google, in the running to purchase Dish’s LTE wireless spectrum.


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