Verizon Wireless Starting Targeted Advertising This Week

Verizon Wireless customers should be receiving an e-mail, text message, or smartphone notification soon informing them about Verizon’s new “Verizon Selects” program.

Verizon Wireless will be tracking your data usage, including web browsing, location,  and app data, in order to send you targeted advertisements sent to you either by standard mail, mobile advertising, e-mail, or texts.

Obviously this sounds like an imposition on its customers, which is why Verizon Wireless is giving you the option to opt out of the program. So whenever you receive that e-mail, text, or notification, you can simply decline to be opted into the program.

Verizon does offer coupons and rewards for opting into their program, but in exchange for receiving constant ads, it may not be worth it in the end.

It’s nice that Verizon Wireless is making their targeted advertising program optional, but it’s most likely because they’re forced to do so. So Verizon Wireless customers, look out for that notification and if you know something we don’t, please let us know!

The Verge via Slashgear

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