With A Little Wiring And A MicroSD, Your Galaxy Camera Can Be Unbrickable

Adam Outler has been a huge contributor to XDA, creating the original UnBrickable Mod for the Galaxy S. He has expanded this mod across many devices to this day, saving many people from hard bricks and spending another $600 or more. And if you’re a Samsung Galaxy Camera owner, you might someday need it.

Of course, only attempt this procedure if you know what you’re doing. Do this at your own risk, although there may be little risk if you need to do this already and your device is dead. Either way, be careful and don’t damage the internal hardware.

Once you hard brick a device, there is normally absolutely no way of saving it. It’s the kind of brick where you throw your shiny new device in the trash and go shopping for a new one, quietly crying bitter tears. Adam Outler has modified many Samsung devices to be unbrickable. This means that, no matter how badly you screw up the system, the bootloaders, or absolutely anything on the device, you can restore it. Back in my day, mismatching a primary and secondary bootloader on the Galaxy S guaranteed a paperweight, but Adam Outler found a way to fix it.

The same happens with the Galaxy Camera, except the fix is a lot easier than on some other devices. When the phone boots, the processor loads SBOOT (it provides all the partition information for a proper boot). In the event that SBOOT is damaged, you can make the device fall back to the SD card. This is where the UnBrickable Mod comes in.

First, you’ll have to download an image and create the UnBrickable SD, which goes into your device. You’ll also need Odin or Heimdall, the former being a Windows flashing tool and the latter being multi platform, to flash the PIT file and factory image.

Then the harder part comes. You’ll have to disassemble the device and get access to the internals. From there, you just use some wire or tweezers to short out the EMMC resistor, which will force the device to boot from the SD card you made. Then you’ll need to start it into download mode, and you will be able to flash the factory image and the PIT file to your device. And just like that, your precious camera is unbricked. This opens up many opportunities for developers to try crazy stuff without the fear of bricking the device, and it’ll save a lot of regular people some pain. Hit the source link for the original thread with more info!

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