An Upcoming Google Chrome Feature Will Allow You To Sync Passwords Between Desktop And Android Devices

Google-Chrome-Browser-LogoGoogle is getting ready to add a new feature to its Chrome web browser that will allow users to synchronize passwords between the Chrome browser on their desktop and the Chrome browser on their Android devices. This has been a long overdue feature that has been available for Chrome for iOS for a while now.

Chrome’s development team has been discussing this feature for a little more than a week now, and it has been added to the Chromium code base.

The Chromium Code Review website says,

“Android does not support password sync, enable password sync for clients which have migrated to using Keystore. Currently, passwords will start syncing only when sync-keystore-encryption flag is specified on the command line.”

Now that the feature has been added to the Chromium database, it shouldn’t be long before Android users see the feature go live.

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