Ant Raid Review

Ant Raid seemed like just another cartoony Android game for the average person to casually play. When the game starts, it’s a really simple concept of protecting a base in the center using a limited supply of ants. You can select a group of ants using your finger. Tapping selects a small group, and holding your finger down selects a big group. Then you send those ants to attack mutated bugs such as giant flies and snails.

As you can tell, the graphics are colorful and really well made. It’s all stylized and looks absolutely fantastic.

The story is told through animated cutscenes, not in the sense of characters performing actions but a character talking while moving. The story is conveyed through speech bubbles. They also pop up below the game once in a while to inform you of something.

The gameplay has a simple basis that gets fairly difficult and complicated. It’s no Angry Birds. When defending the base, enemies come from all sides. You have to use the ants to destroy the enemies and make sure the base remains untouched. Of course, it’s never as simple as sending all your ants onto an enemy. You have to strategically ration ants to each enemy.

Enemies become harder as time goes on. Some enemies, like the snails, explode when killed, knocking your ants out. You have to send more ants to revive them and take them to the base. If you have no ants left, you lose. You need to use some brain power to win this game.

The enemies start coming in different colors. Blue enemies have a lot more health and take much more time to take down, while red ones are really fast and aggressive. You have to change your strategy to combat each one.

On top of that, you get powers. The green power lets you destroy enemies using nature instead of ants. Activating it lets you tap enemies to destroy them using something like lightning. The blue power makes your ants invincible, even to snail explosions. The red power makes them faster and much more powerful. Combining red and blue makes your ants golden, and boy do they pack a punch!

The use of powers, ant strategy, and all that simultaneously seems very difficult, but the developer has you covered. The game starts off really slow and eases you into the action. It teaches you about every single ability and strategy you have to use. It makes playing this game really simple even for the clueless. I personally suck at strategy games, and the beginning few levels really helped me get into a game I would have normally dropped.

Once you’re done with the story, you can play survival mode too. This game has a lot of replay value. One problem I did have with it is the camera. It is fairly zoomed in, and when you select ants, it zooms out to show you the whole area. I always tapped ants then tapped an enemy too fast, and ended up missing because the camera zoomed out. It was just something I had to get used to, not a flaw of the game whatsoever. Keep that in mind if you play the game: you get used to it and the feature makes the game easier.

Overall, it’s a really good game. The design is excellent, the graphics and sound are really nice, and the gameplay is well thought out. Even the learning curve is great for new strategy game players. This game is polished beyond my expectations and I definitely recommend you play it. There is a free version and a paid version that is currently only $0.99. Hit the source link to download it!

Play: Ant Raid ($0.99) | Play: Ant Raid Free

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