Apple’s Claim That Amazon’s Appstore Is Falsely Advertising Has Been Thrown Out

About two years, Apple filed a claim that “App Store” was their trademark and that Amazon’s own “Appstore” (the no-space between the two words apparently makes a difference) was misleading consumers.

Apple said that consumers would be mislead by Amazon’s Appstore name and believe that Amazon’s Appstore really has as many apps as Apple’s App Store.

The judge ruled in favor of Amazon, somewhat. The judge agreed that Amazon’s use of the Appstore name isn’t falsely leading consumers to believe that its Appstore has as many apps as Apple’s App Store.

Judge Hamilton, the judge for this case, stated,

“Apple contends that because its App Store offers so many more apps than Amazon’s Appstore, consumers will be misled into thinking that Amazon’s Appstore will offer just as many […] There is no evidence that a consumer who accesses the Amazon Appstore would expect that it would be identical to the Apple App Store.”

The lawsuit is still going on, but at least the case of false advertisement is over and done with. Now Amazon has to convince the judge that it is not infringing on Apple’s “App Store” trademark.

Apple’s lawsuits are borderline crazy and ridiculous. I really do wonder if they know that.


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