Best Buy Outs Titanium Gray Galaxy S III For T-Mobile Shortly Before LTE Model Comes Out

Samsung is a fan of offering many colors, and I am a fan of Samsung for that. While I love the Pebble Blue and Marble White colors of the Galaxy S III, sometimes a guy needs something different. Well Best Buy has revealed a Titanium Gray model for T-Mobile, offering yet another color for the masses. With AT&T offering a red model and Verizon offering both brown and black, T-Mobile is offering gray to stand out from the crowd. However, not everything is all good and dandy.

They are releasing a brand new color of the Galaxy S III for T-Mobile while planning to release an entirely new model of the S III with LTE support. So why would you buy an old Galaxy S III, even if it is in a new color, when the better model will be released shortly? That would be foolish unless you have a specific reason (do you prefer HSPA+ over LTE?). So beware of this new device, because you might want save that upgrade for later.

Best Buy | Android Police

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