Carbon Backup Out Of Beta, On The Play Store In Free And Premium Flavors

Carbon, the backup app by developer Koush, has finally graduated from beta to a finished product. You can now find Carbon on the Play Store, both in a free and a paid version. The free version is fairly limited but very useful: it allows you to back up your apps and app data to your SD card if you’re a root user and a PC if you’re unrooted. Yes, this app will back up everything if you’re unrooted; you’ll just need a PC and accompanying software and drivers.

Of course, you get a lot more functionality with the premium version. It’ll set you back $5, which is fairly average for utility apps, but you’ll get cloud backup and restore to three services (Drive, Dropbox, and Box), sync between two Android devices, automatic backup schedules, and of course no ads. It’s a lot of functionality in one app and it’s definitely a useful app to keep around.

However, you should be warned that it does not work on Motorola devices. Apparently Motorola broke the stock Android backup mechanism in their devices, so Carbon will not work. He provides a link to the APK if you want to try it, and asks to be told if it works, but it is unsupported by Motorola devices.

It seems like a fantastic app that any ROM flasher would appreciate. In many ways, it’s better than the competition. However, it’ll only work on devices with Ice Cream Sandwich or above. Will you be buying it?

Play: Carbon – App Sync and Backup | Play: Carbok (Premium) ($4.99) | Android Central

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