Chameleon Launcher For Phones Shown Off In Video

Chameleon Launcher is well known for its widget-centered UI, which compliments and makes use of the tablets’ screen real estate, but users have been waiting for the launcher to be available on their smartphones.

Now the developers for Chameleon, Teknision, have released a video showing off the launcher running on a Samsung Galaxy Note II as well as a Nexus 4. Before getting to that part of the video however (at the 1:54 mark), the developers show off some new features on the tablet involving folders.

The Chameleon Launcher for phones includes a scrollable app tray as well as the infamous folders and widget utilization that Chameleon Launcher is known for. You can check out the video below.

The Chameleon Launcher for phones is still in alpha testing, but the developers plan on releasing a public beta version of it very soon.

What are your thoughts on the launcher? Have you tried it out on your tablets yet?

Android Central