Chameleon Launcher for Tablets Only $4 On The Play Store Shortly After Demo On A Phone

Chameleon, the innovative launcher for tablets, is currently on sale. Instead of being $10, it is currently only $3.99. If you were ever interested in trying it out, now is as good a time as ever.

This comes after a CES announcement that they are working on a version of Chameleon for phones. It was shown off on a Galaxy S III, so fans can get it on their phones eventually. However, be aware that you’ll probably have to rebuy it. The name of the app is “Chameleon Launcher for Tablets,” alluding to the fact that it is only for tablets and will remain that way. So don’t go buying it now to use on your phone later!

Play: Chameleon Launcher for Tablets | Droid-Life

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