Chrome For Android Beta Now Available On The Play Store

Chrome Beta is available on desktops for those daring enough to try it, so why not Android? Today you can finally get your fix, as the beta version of Chrome is now available to download straight from the Play Store. These builds will be updated often with new features, new fixes, and lots of bugs.

That’s right, there will be bugs, and they may be big. Google is starting off with Chrome 25 beta, which has some pretty significant problems. It has slugging performance on the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus (Google’s own phones), it’ll freeze on some Qualcomm devices, and a lot more. Hit the source link for a full list of broken things. But that’s the price you pay for staying on the cutting edge. Update regularly (or allow it to auto update) and enjoy those new features!

Play: Chrome Beta | Google Chrome Releases Blog

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