Chromium Updated With Notification Center, Chrome Getting It Next?

Chromium is a fully open source web browser that lends a lot of code to the Chrome browser you know and love (and hate, so much hate). Recently it was updated, and a man named François Beaufort noticed that it had a notification center built in, or at least the start of one. It can be enabled in chrome://flags and is called Enable Rich Notifications.

These notifications can be made using both HTML and Chrome extensions, but unlike the standard Chrome notifications that show up, these can presumably be queued. The Clear All button present in these notifications proves this.

While this notification center is only in testing in the Chromium build, it could come to the full version of Chrome soon. Not only that, but it’d be a very useful addition to Chrome OS. A notification system could do the OS a lot of good. It could also be used to integrate closer to Google Now, which was rumored to be coming to Chrome, and the code for which was found by the same man.

Are you excited to see a good notification system for Chrome? Would you have any uses for it? Tell us what you think!

François Beaufort Google+ | The Next Web

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