Dacor Shows Off Their Android Powered Smart Oven

Dacor is looking to shake up the kitchen-scene by showing off its new Discovery Wall Oven. The Discovery Wall Oven measures about 30-inches and has a 7-inch Android tablet built right in. The oven is supposed to be user-friendly, allowing even a novice to prepare a delicious meal.

The Discovery IQ app for the oven, which is run on a 1Ghz, 16GB/32GB 7-inch tablet with Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich, has options for cooking a variety of different meals. There are recipes already included in the app and all you have to do is follow some prompts, such as inputting weight, the type of meat, etc, and the oven will take care of the rest. There are easy options available for novice chefs to experienced chefs. They include:

  • Guided Cooking
  • Quick Start Guide
  • My Recipe Box
  • Slow Cook Mode

The tablet included in the oven also has access to Google Play, so you can download more recipes online or view online video demonstrations.

When your food is ready to be served, the Discovery IQ app will notify you via text message or push notification. The oven will switch into “warming mode”, which will keep your food warm until you’re ready to serve it. The oven will also notify you when maintenance is required.

You can access the Discovery IQ app for your oven with your Android phone or tablet, which lets you check up on the remainder of your cooking time, as well as the progress of your cooking remotely.

The Discovery Wall Oven is definitely a luxurious item, costing about $4,499 for a single oven, and $7,499 for a double. It’s a smart oven, and one I would love to use in the future. However, given my track record of apps force closing, or malfunctioning on me, I would most likely accidentally break my oven, or hit some unknown self-destruct switch by accident.

What do you think of the Discovery Wall Oven? Would you consider buying an Android powered oven?


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