Download The 4.2.1 Update For The Sprint Galaxy Nexus

The Sprint Galaxy Nexus finally has Android 4.2.1! The update has been uploaded to Google’s servers, so you can download it and manually flash it. It’ll come with the standard enhancements, including a gesture keyboard, Photo Sphere, a quick settings panel, a new lockscreen, and quite a few smaller features. It’s definitely a good update, even if it is late.

However, it’ll be released as an OTA fairly soon, so you might want to wait. It’s easier to download an OTA than to flash it manually using ADB. But if you insist, do so at your own risk and follow instructions carefully! Hit the source link for the download and all the instructions, which aren’t hard but aren’t the easiest or most straightforward.

Also, insert obligatory and valid point about Verizon being slow here.

Android Police

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