Dropbox Will Have Deeper Integration With New Samsung Devices Out Of The Box

Dropbox already comes pre-loaded on many Samsung Galaxy devices, but Dropbox and Samsung have bigger plans. They plan to integrate Dropbox not only into Samsung’s Android smartphones, but their smart cameras and even Smart TV’s. Integration is already present in many devices, including auto upload to Dropbox, but there will also be a feature that displays thumbnails for photos and videos uploaded to Dropbox on other devices with Dropbox accounts. It won’t download the photo until you press on it, saving your precious data plan.

The Smart TV integration will rely on AllShare Play, which will allow these TV’s to view Dropbox content easily. Seeing cloud content on connected TV’s is a great idea and removes the need for external storage.

However, this integration will not be exclusive to Samsung. Any Android device can use the Dropbox app. But having it out of the box, and working well with Samsung’s own DLNA apps, will provide a better customer experience for Samsung users and will introduce Dropbox to more people. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

9to5 Google

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