Fleksy Is Another Software Keyboard Promising The Best Predictive Text

There are plenty of keyboards that have claimed to have the best prediction engines. Many come out lacking, and many don’t surface at all. We don’t know if Fleksy will ever keep its lofty promises, but it looks good so far. Fleksy’s claim to fame is that its predictions are so accurate that you can miss every letter and still end up with the right word. This means that you can type without looking, and it’s even good for the visual impaired.

The video is showing off some features and impressed citizens. It also explains how the visually impaired have increased their typing speed up to 5 times. And from the video demonstrations, it seems very impressive. However, we remain a little skeptical until we can get ours hands on it and test it for ourselves. And luckily, they have a beta sign up sheet open. But until then, I’ll let SwiftKey read my mind.

Fleksy | Fleksy Beta Sign-Up | Android Police

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