GameStick Gets A New Look, Dock To Go Along With It

The GameStick has gotten some pretty big support on Kickstarter, not only blowing through its $100,000 goal but getting more than five times that. The company behind it, PlayJam, has redesigned the GameStick using feedback from people, and this is the new design. Not only does it have a bit more of a grip to it (still looks incredibly uncomfortable to hold), it also contains a microSD card slot, what look to be improved analog sticks, and the slot for the actual console on the top of the device instead of the bottom.

It’s definitely an improved design, though it still misses the mark on the necessary ergonomics for a controller. I can’t imagine it being too pleasant to use this for extended periods of time. But that’s my personal opinion.

They also showed off a dock with plenty of ports, including USB for peripherals, Ethernet, and an SD card slot. It’ll also charge the controller with electromagnetic coils. It should be a good accessory if you’re planning to buy or already bought the GameStick itself. So what do you guys think about the redesign and the dock? Leave a comment!

Kickstarter | Joystiq

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