GameStick Is An Android Gaming Console Gone Portable

Android-powered home gaming consoles have exploded in popularity recently, starting with the OUYA. However, not all Android consoles are equal. OUYA serves its purpose as an always connected Android console that plays games with a big, ergonomic controller and a fairly powerful Tegra 3 chip inside. The GameStick serves a whole different purpose, and this is what makes it unique. Instead of being a box with a bunch of wires, it’s a simple stick with an HDMI plug at the end. You stick it in your TV, and it turns on. And when you want to leave, just put that stick into the controller and toss it into your pocket.

While making it so small, they also dropped price. The (sold out) early bird special would get you a console for only $69, while its regular price is only $79. That undercuts the OUYA by $20. However, with that price and size reduction, there of course comes the problem of hardware. This device uses an unknown Amlogic 8726-MX processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB of flash (with cloud storage for games), WiFi, Bluetooth, and Jelly Bean. It’ll also support up to four controllers. I can’t say I’m too impressed, but it should be enough for semi-casual gaming and power isn’t the point of this device. They do show Shadowgun and Dead Trigger running on the GameStick. It’s no Tegra 3 powerhouse, but it will do.

Watch the video below to get a sense of the purpose of this device. It also shows off the UI, which seems to be Metro inspired (it’s a theme, I swear) and very smooth. Tell us what you think, and support it if you like it!

Kickstarter | Droid-Life

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