Google Filing Paperwork To Make Wireless Network Around Campus

In an interesting move, Google filed paperwork with the FCC to get a license for a 2 mile radius network around their campus. The network would be built on the 2524 to 2625MHz spectrum (currently owned by Clearwire), which means it would only be accessible to devices that can access the 2.5GHz spectrum. Unfortunately, there aren’t many, especially in the US.

So why does Google need their own network on spectrum traditional devices can’t access? It can’t be a private employee network, or everyone would need custom built phones. However, there might be devices built soon to support that spectrum, as carriers in China, Brazil, and Japan are building networks around that spectrum. It could be a plan for the future.

Or maybe Google wants to hand out walkie talkie-like devices to their employees for communication, as traditional ones might not have the range desired. Since the network will be deployed in the Google Fiber team’s building first, it could be a network for a specific group of people. Anything is possible.

What do you guys think is happening? Any hopes and dreams? Could this turn out to be a full fledged nationwide network eventually? Tell us in the comments!

Wall Street Journal

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