Google+ Is Now The Second Most Popular Social Network


According to Trendstream’s Global Web Index for Q4 2012, Google+ has climbed its way to 2nd place in the war of social media platforms. It’s still extremely far behind Facebook, but it beat out both YouTube and Twitter for the second place spot.

According to Trendstream’s data, there was an estimated 343 million Google+ users by the end of 2012. That’s still less than half of Facebook’s 693 million users, but still impressive seeing as how Google+ was considered DOA by a lot of people.

It’s also important to remember that this was only counting active users in Q4, and not the total amount of users for each social media platform.

Google Plus Is Now The Second Most Popular Social Network

Google+ taking second place is extremely surprising considering how popular both YouTube and Twitter are, and also considering that the launch of Google+ was less than stellar. It’s good that Google’s social media platform isn’t a failure after all, and that it just needed some time to establish itself.

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