Google Makes Damn-Well Sure That Their Employees Are Happy


Google is very intent on keep its employees happy and satisfied. So intent that they obsessively monitor their employees’ emotional states to make sure they’re the happiest employees in the world.

One example would be when Google’s HR department, dubbed “People Operations”, discovered that women were more likely to leave the company than men. After some more digging, they realized that the problems were primarily with pregnant women. Google then implemented a 5-month maternity leave plan with full pay and benefits that also gave new mothers flexibility on when the could take time off.

After implementing the new policy, the attrition rate for women went down to the average rate for the rest of the firm.

Google’s People Operation uses a “sophisticated employee data-tracking program” that keeps track of every aspect of Google’s employees’ lives. The program doesn’t just focus on pay or benefits. It even goes as far as measuring the optimal size and shape of cafeteria tables, and the length of the lunch lines.

Laszlo Bock, People Operations chief, said,

“We have the luxury of being a data-driven company with people with the analytic chops who can do the math. We also have a large enough scale so that when we run experiments, they’re statistically valid.”

It’s very interesting to see a huge company like Google focusing so hard on keeping its employees happy, even if it does border on stalking.

It’s a nice refreshing change from all of the evil corporation stories that frequent the news. I, as someone who hates long lunch lines, am amazed at how Google focuses so much on even the tiniest details.

Even if their employees aren’t the happiest in the world, they’re probably still pretty damn happy.

Slate via BGR