Google Starts Allowing All Developers To Respond To User Reviews On Google Play

Google has just enabled an option allowing all developers to be able to respond to user feedback on Google Play. This option was only limited to top developers but now it looks like Google is giving every developer a chance to give their own input.

This feature isn’t yet available to all developers, but it will be soon. A Google spokesperson said,

“The feature originally rolled out to top developers, and we’re gradually expanding it to additional Google Play developers.”

Google is encouraging developers to establish better relationships with their customers. This way they can overcome the lack of communication that plagues other app stores, such as Apple’s. With this added feature, developers can also counter some of the negative reviews that they receive and share their side of the story as well.

Negative feedback can be a deterrent for new users to try out an app and it can be detrimental to a developer’s reputation.

This is a great feature to add and it’s helpful in letting users and developers have an open line of communication. This, combined with the required Google Plus login in order to submit reviews, will make Google Play a lot less chaotic and much more civil and organized.

What are your thoughts?

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