Here Are Some More Leaked Images From The HTC Sense 5 UI

The same people who leaked the images of HTC’s Sense 5 keyboard and dialer have released more images regarding the new Sense theme, and let’s just say (and this is my personal opinion) that HTC is heading in a very wrong direction in terms of design. This is not the direction they want to head in if they want to get out of the massive hole they’re in.

The above screenshot is the new, but not improved, lockscreen for Sense 5. It now features a little weather widget and omits the original lockscreen ring in Sense 4+.

The image below is a screenshot of the settings page, which looks okay. Nothing looks terrible about it.

These leaks are from the HTC M7 itself, which image was also leaked from the same people. Unfortunately, it’s a terrible leaked image in which you can only see the display.

So what are your thoughts on the new leaked images? Are you hoping that they’re fake and that HTC would never in their right mind create a UI like this? Or are you liking the new, revamped UI?

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