Here’s A Sneak Peak At The HTC Sense 5 Keyboard And Dialer

HTC is planning to do a complete UI overhaul with Sense 5. The UI brings completely revamped HTC icons, an improved lockscreen, and some user-friendly tweaks. The entire UI is going for the “simple and clean” look.

We still have to wait a couple of days or so before we can see the new Sense 5 in action, but here are a couple of screenshots to hold you over. These screenshots showcase the new keyboard and the new dialer that you can expect from Sense 5.

The UI does look much more simpler compared to earlier Sense UI’s, but whether that’s a good or a bad thing is up to you. I personally love the new simple look they’re going for, especially for the keyboard. A lot of users hate the ’3 dots’ feature of HTC Sense, which functions as the menu button, and I do have to agree with them. It seems like a waste of space.

What do you think of the images? Do you like the new “simple and clean” layout HTC is going for? Or do you prefer the glossy, 3D look that its known for?

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