HTC Announces Desire U, Just Another Cheap Phone In Their Lineup

HTC really needed another low end phone in their lineup, so they announced the brand new Desire U. The Desire U comes with an 800×480 4 inch display, a 1GHz single core processor, half a gigabyte of RAM, 4GB of memory with a microSD slot, and a 5 megapixel camera. It also runs Android 4.0, like most of its lineup.

This phone has been targeted at China and Taiwan for those on a budget, thought the price tag is not yet known. However, why couldn’t they have launched the One V in those areas? Or the One S? Or the One VX? Or the One SV? They have plenty devices in their lineup that are so similar, yet they had to create a new one. HTC, we’ll never understand you. But maybe your decision will benefit someone. What do you guys think of the device? Is it necessary, or just cluttering their lineup and breaking their promise of making less phones? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!


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