(Update: It’s Called The HTC Mini) HTC Comes Up With Small Bluetooth Handset To Augment Large Phones

People are often complaining that smartphones are getting too big. I often agree, though my Galaxy Note II betrays that. HTC thinks they have found a solution, but it’s not making smartphones any smaller. They want to include an accessory with every big smartphone that will act like a mini phone, connected through Bluetooth using a tap with NFC.

This little remote will make phone calls, control your phone, and even help you find it in case it’s lost (and within the 30 foot Bluetooth range). It’ll also show you notifications on its small display. So instead of carrying around a big phone like some people hate, you can carry around a big phone and a small phone. Logic.

This mini remote will be bundled with the HTC Butterfly (our DROID DNA) in China. Are you one of those people who loves small phones? Does this help you at all? Would you use one of these? We’re honestly curious. Leave your thoughts in a comment!

The Verge

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