HTC DROID DNA Only $99.99 For New Customers From Amazon

The HTC DROID DNA is a pretty damn powerful phone, so we can assure anyone but the most hardcore of users or storage freaks that it is well worth the $200 price tag. It does come with a 5″ 1080p display and a Snapdragon S4 Pro quad core at 1.5GHz paired with 2GB of RAM. However, not everyone can afford a $200 phone. Amazon to the rescue!

You can get a DROID DNA from Amazon for only $149 with a new two year contract if you’re upgrading. But that isn’t where the biggest sale is: if you are a new Verizon customer, the phone is half of at only $99. It’s a pretty amazing price for a flagship device that set the bar in many ways for other phones to come. So if you are planning to get a phone, and love the idea of a 1080p display, hit the source link to buy it!

Amazon: HTC DROID DNA (Verizon) | Android Police

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