HTC Is Getting Ready To Launch Six Devices In Myanmar

HTC is looking to bring its smartphones to Myanmar. It is partnering with a local distributor, KMD Computer Group, as well as Myanmar IT to bring its smartphones to the Southeast Asian market.

The six phones HTC plans on launching include the HTC Butterfly, HTC One X+, HTC Desire X, HTC Desire VC, and the HTC Desire C. These phones will come equipped with localized features, including a Burmese language virtual keyboard.

Myanmar has recently opened up its telecom market to foreign companies. HTC is hoping to tap into that growing market, being the first mobile handset provider to offer high-end handsets to the country.

The country has a population of over 60 million people, so HTC is hoping to tap into this potential goldmine. This will also help HTC with its goal of bringing its handsets to as many nations as possible.

This is a great step in getting out of the deep financial rut HTC has found itself in, but HTC is going to need to do more in order to regain its profits and market share in the mobile market.

Hopefully the HTC M7 is the phone to do that.

ZDNet via HTC Source