HTC M7 Rumored To Be Sold On March 8th, Come In Two Colors

In an interesting bit of news, HTC Source reports on some inside information that they received. Keep in mind that none of this is at all confirmed, so take it as rumors and nothing more. However, it’s some good stuff.

First of all, they say that the HTC M7 will be sold on March 8th. This is two and a half weeks after their press conference, which is a pretty good amount of time. We always wish that launches were in the same week, but we’ll live without it. Then, they claim that there will be a second color option for the M7. We’ve already seen the black matte finish on the back of the M7, akin to the DROID DNA finish, but the second color is said to be a silver/white.

We don’t know what silver/white could mean. Is it a silvery white color, or is it dual tone? If it’s dual tone, it’s possible that the back will be silver and the front bezel will be white (which would look pretty nice). Or the back could even be aluminum, like early rumors stated. But it’s doubtful that they would have two colors made of two different materials, one being more “premium” than the other.

So what do you guys think? Are you excited to see the device come out so much earlier than most other flagships? Would the second color be appealing to you? Are they missing out by not making a brown one? Tell us in the comments!

HTC Source

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