Is LG to blame for the low stock of the Nexus 4?


The Nexus 4 has almost been completely out of stock since the device first released back in November of 2012.  LG, the manufacturer of this device, doesn’t think the problem is with them.  LG has reported that production is proceeding as planned at the plant in South Korea and also denied that there is any supply issue.

I was actually lucky enough to get an order in for the Nexus 4 on the launch day, only to receive an e-mail from Google a few days later stating that the device has been back ordered and they were expecting delivery in three to six weeks.  I decided, I did not want to wait that long for a new phone, so I canceled my order for a full refund.  I do find myself occasionally checking on the Google Play store to see if the device has came back into stock, I always seem to leave the site disappointed after seeing the bright red SOLD OUT status blaring back at me.  So who is really to blame for the major stock shortage of the Nexus 4?

The Verge

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