Leaked Numbers Suggest LG Plans To Sell 75 Million Devices in 2013

The number of devices LG is looking to sell this has has been leaked by one of their local partners in Korea.  This information was provided to the Korean Times and it details that LG is looking to sell 75 million handsets in 2013, which is 20 million more than were sold in 2012.  Of these 75 million, it’s expected that 45 million will be smartphones with the remaining amount being budget and feature devices.

The information provided indicates additional Optimus models will be launched as well as a couple new Windows Phone 8 handsets.  The Optimus G is current LG’s flagship device and it will be interesting to see if that remains the case after the Mobile World Congress event next month in Barcelona where we could see some of these devices unveiled.

An executive for LG’s business partner has mentioned that LG shipped 41.2 million devices in the first 9 months of 2012 and approximately another 15 million devices in the final quarter of last year:

We will release quite a number of new Optimus devices this year and LG also has some new smartphones in the works, that will run Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8…This year won’t be as bullish for LG as last year. But LG’s Optimus G and Nexus 4 impressed some major carriers and consumers. Because our budget Optimus smartphones are receiving lots of attention, we are confident to get our phone business on a rising track this year,”-Anonymous executive working for LG Korean partner

Do you think the numbers presented are attainable, or do you feel that the issues with the Nexus 4 release will diminish the number of smartphones LG sells this year.



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