LG Beginning Launch Of Optimus G Around The World, Jelly Bean Pre-Installed

The LG Optimus G has been out for quite a while in the US, but we’re just lucky. The rest of the world hasn’t had the chance to buy one yet, but their chance is coming soon. LG announced that they are starting the sale of the Optimus G in other countries, starting with Singapore late this month, followed by other countries soon after.

The phone will generally be the same across all countries, with LTE in the countries that support it. But one difference is that it’ll have Jelly Bean pre-installed. It struck us as very strange that the Optimus G launched with Ice Cream Sandwich, especially when the similarly specced Nexus 4 had 4.2 from the start. But in the end, 4.1 is not very different from 4.2 and brings a lot of good stuff to the table. Will any of our non-US readers be buying an Optimus G?

Android Central

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