LG Says They Weren’t Ready For Demand With Nexus 4, Production Ramping Up

We all know the supply problems that exist with the Nexus 4. They’re basically impossible to buy because Google just doesn’t have enough. When asked about it, both companies were either vague or blamed the other. We had our own theories of course, and one of them has been proven right today. An interview with Cathy Robin, the LG Mobile France director, shone a new light on the supply issues.

Robin has said that “the supply problems are not solely related to LG,” and confirmed our theory that Google had ordered enough to meet the demand predicted based on previous Nexus sales. Of course, we all know previous Nexus sales performance has been mediocre at best, so it’s understandable that Google ordered less than were needed. The Nexus 4 blew up, so the supply issues make sense and neither company was ready.

However, she also said that the rumors that production is winding down are completely wrong. In fact, production is ramping up significantly. Shortages should be gone by mid-February, a bold but comforting claim. And fortunately, things between LG and Google are going “very well,” which is great. But the damage has been done.

On a different note, Robin also mentioned that the Optimus G is (finally) coming to France in March. Hopefully it’ll reach the rest of Europe in a similar amount of time.

Android Central

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