MetroPCS Adds More Data To Their Plans, More Bang For Your Buck

If you’re a MetroPCS customer, or you were planning to become one, here is some good news for you. Metro has added a lot of value to the non-unlimited plans. bumping up the amount of data you are allowed to use. The $50 a month plan used to give you a 1GB limit of 4G LTE data, but they’ve more than doubled it to 2.5GB. The $40 per month plan has also been modified, from a tiny 100MB to 500MB. These are huge increases in data and even better prices.

The unlimited $60 plans offered before, the Rhapsody music and MetroSTUDIO video, have been made into one plan, a simple $60 per month unlimited LTE plan. All three plans come with unlimited talk and text too, so you’ll never get charged for overages.

This change has made great plans even better and data even cheaper (which is exactly what should be happening these days). With T-Mobile buying them, we don’t know how long these plans will last, but we can only hope they’ll still be available by then. What do you guys think of these plans?

MetroPCS | Android Police

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