MIUI Custom ROMs Has Just Hit 10 Million Users

MIUI, one of the most popular custom ROMs on Android, has just hit a huge milestone in terms of users. The MIUI ROM, created by Xiaomi, now has over 10 million users around the world.

The MIUI ROM is a very heavily modded Android interface that is suppose to show some similarities to iOS, with one example being the lack of an app drawer. The MIUI ROM offers a brand new experience compared to the regular stock Android UI.

Also for those people who don’t want commit to the MIUI ROM, MIUI has released a custom launcher, called MiHome launcher, which makes it look like the phone is running MIUI. That way users can experience MIUI, while running their stock ROM or a different ROM altogether. The MiHome launcher probably helps convert people on over to the MIUI rom.

It’s great to see such a wonderful ROM gain so many users all around the world. Do you run MIUI on your phone?

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