More Sense 5 Screenshots Leaked

Everyone has their own opinion on Sense, and those opinions vary immensely. Hell, it’s one of the most controversial topics of Android. But ever since HTC released Sense 4 on the HTC One X, Sense has been slimming down. Even if you don’t like Sense at all, Sense 4 was a huge improvement over the mess that was Sense 3.5. It was slimmed down, the look became more minimal, and it overall became more polished and usable. Even then, my opinion on Sense is fairly negative. But with Sense 5, that might change.

Sense 5 is a lot more refined looking, embracing minimalism and moving away from 3D shapes. It’s better looking, even if it still looks inferior to AOSP Holo. If them slim it down and make it run faster, I’m sure a lot of people will be happy. Sense is moving in the right direction, and hopefully it’s doing so fast enough. Here are the rest of the screenshots.


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