New Backup App From Koush Released In Beta Form, Temporarily Called Carbon

There are many choices for app backups and transfers on Android. The most popular app backup tool is Titanium Backup, and most people who have ever dabbled in root know what that is. To transfer apps between devices, you can use Datasync, a wonderful app (and the reason I root my new devices so quick). However, we have a new app that does both in one.

Famous developer Koushik Dutta has released a beta version of his new backup app that he jokingly calls Carbon. Basically, it’s an app that will use the native Android backup tool to back up your apps to your location of choice, currently supporting internal storage, Google Drive, and Dropbox. It can also restore these backups easily. However, the feature that sets it apart from other app sis that it can transfer apps and app data to other devices running the same app. It’s an all in one solution.

The app is in beta and does require root, so just because of that you should use a bit of caution. However, it seems to work just fine. The final version won’t require root (but will need a PC if using without root). And the beta only lasts a week, so keep that in mind. We hope it’ll be released soon, as this could be the app the modding community will adopt.


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