New Samsung Ad Shows Galaxy Devices At The Work Site

From previous Samsung commercials, we know that the Galaxy phones are packed with features and cool stuff to make them fun to use. We also know that from experience, of course. But what about business? Samsung’s new ad sets out to prove that Galaxy devices aren’t just fun and games, they’re full fledged business devices.

The ad talks about multi-window on the Galaxy Note II being used for both watching a game and working, encryption for safety, S Beam for sharing work related files, and many more features. It also takes a shot at Blackberries being business phones. While it’s a fair thing to say about BB7, the launch of BB10 is near and no one knows how that’ll go. Samsung might have a competitor on their hands.

It also shows a woman who carriers two phones, one for business and one for personal use. Those happen to be a Blackberry and iPhone. Samsung is trying to show how a Galaxy device can be both. But while this ad was cute and included unicorns and jokes, did it prove their point? Is anyone more inclined to use a Samsung device for work? Tell us what you think in the comments!


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