New ‘Sprint As You Go’ Service Launching on January 25th, Starts At $50/month

We all know that the cost of smartphone plans today are high, especially if you are looking for “unlimited” services such as text and data but don’t want any sort of contract.  Sprint is trying to help those contract-phobic individuals with the launch of their new “Sprint As You Go” service.

Starting on January 25th, you will be able to sign up for this new service with plans starting at $50/month.  Initially, there will be four phones available for this new service.  The Samsung M400 and Array models are feature phones and will be available for $50 and $79 respectively.  These devices entitle you to unlimited talk and text for $50/month.  If you are looking for a “higher end” phone, you can select either the LG Optimus Elite for $149 or the Samsung Victory for $249.  These handsets can be used with the service giving you unlimited talk, text, and data for $70/month.

There are a few things that concern me about the new “Sprint As You Go” service.  The first is that there is no mention of 4G LTE capability on the LG or Samsung phones.  The number of 4G LTE markets is increasing and I am not sure what value there is in selecting a phone that isn’t LTE compatible.  Also, it doesn’t appear that roaming is covered with this plan.  This means that if you travel outside your local area, you could easily start cutting into that prepaid amount for your phone.  Finally, current Sprint models such as the Galaxy S III are not eligible to be used with this new plan.  These may not be deal breakers for everyone, but given the number of prepaid options available, this new service is a hard sell for me.

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