Nexus 4 Wireless Charging Orb Shows Up At Retailer With February Release Date

If you haven’t had much experience in Nexus accessories, this might sound a bit strange. But we’re shocked to see that the Nexus 4 wireless charging orb could be released only 3 months after the phone release date. Yes, accessory support for Nexus devices has been absolutely terrible. We’re six months into owning our Nexus 7 tablets and we still don’t know when the official dock launches. And it’s even worse for the Galaxy Nexus owners, who have been trying to get accessories for the entire lives of their phones. Google really sucks at accessories.

A Norwegian retailer called Dustin Home has put up the official Nexus 4 wireless charging orb up for purchase, saying it’ll arrive in February. If it does arrive on the Play Store in only a month, Google has probably broken its own record for the fastest major accessory launch for a Nexus device. Sad, but at least an improvement. Of course, it could turn out false and we will all be disappointed once again.

The orb is currently going for 739 kr, which is approximately $114 in US dollars. We have no idea why the price is so high, but we doubt it’ll be sold for that much in the US. Still, it’s a small glimmer of hope in a sea of disappointment. Are you guys excited to see it? Or have you lost interest and purchased a third party Qi charging pad?

Dustin Home | Droid-Life

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