Update:Nexus 7 Dock In Stock At B&H, Play Store Still Lacking

The infamous Nexus 7 dock is back, but this time it’s seemingly available to buy! Retailer B&H has it labeled as “In Stock” on their site for $39.99. So you Nexus 7 owners who have been waiting patiently for six whole months can finally get one for yourselves, if the orders go through (we won’t rule out the possibility of this being a mistake, six long months of holding the tablet ourselves has made us cynical). The price is about what it should be on the Play Store, and shipping for me was under $5. Now it’s up to you to decide whether you jump on it or continue waiting for Google to release them on the Play Store. Tough decisions. Tell us, are you getting one now?

Update: Looks like they just got our hopes up. It’s no longer in stock. Now you see why we are so cynical, damn it.

B&H: Nexus 7 Dock | Droid-Life

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