November comScore Results Show Android Growing Faster Than iOS, Samsung/Apple Still Dominating

The statistics for the three month period ending in November were released today by comScore. While nothing much has changed, the gap between the duopoly of Samsung and Apple and the other three in the top five is growing fast. Samsung grew 1.2 percentage up to 26.9%, while Apple grew even more to 18.5%, up 1.4 points. Everyone else has dropped 0.4 to 0.8 points, sadly. With the low supply of Nexus 4′s, LG can’t really catch up. Hopefully CES will bring the other manufacturers some more prosperity.

On the software side of things, it seems that Android is growing significantly faster than iOS in this period of time. While iOS grew 0.7 points to 35%, Android grew 1.1 points to a whopping 53.7%. Every other software maker fell behind, all under 8%. RIM dropped a whole point, which is a massive drop.

Do you feel sympathy for those who are losing? Do you like the duopoly that’s currently going on? Or do you think other companies are still in the game? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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