NVIDIA May Be Gearing Up To Launch Its Own Android Devices


NVIDIA May Be Gearing Up To Launch Its Own Smartphones

NVIDIA wants to launch their own set of Android smartphones and tablets in order to get their mobile CPU’s more exposure.

They’ve been trying to break into the mobile market, getting their NVIDIA Tegra 3 CPU into a few smartphones and tablets, but they’re still completely out-shadowed by Qualcomm. Qualcomm’s CPU’s are the prime choice for many smartphone vendors, and NVIDIA wants to change that.

What NVIDIA plans on doing is manufacturing cheap devices that will be sold under the name of smaller, regional companies. By designing and producing the devices itself, NVIDIA can fully control the features of their devices and ensure the high-quality of their end product.

By working with the smaller, regional companies, NVIDIA can get the distribution, volume, and scale necessary to buy its components at a lower and competitive price-point. NVIDIA plans on undercutting its competition in terms of pricing while still offering a high-end product. Its mindset is similar to Amazon and its Kindle Fire line-up.

NVIDIA’s entire plan is set to start around May or June. It plans on launching cheap, yet high-quality 7 and 10-inch tablets in a variety of markets, and through a variety of brands.

If they’re successful, their mobile CPU’s will become widely adopted, even by major companies like Samsung and HTC. Their plan will also be beneficial to the smaller companies by increasing their brand’s name and popularity.

With the competitive pricing NVIDIA is planning on offering, we’re most likely going to see the Android tablet market become more and more affordable.

What are your thoughts on NVIDIA launching its own line of devices?

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